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So I'm installing TFS for our developers to use, and I'm supposed to be the expert on this TFS thing since I'm the one that suggested we get it, but I don't know the answers to some of their questions, Maybe someone on here can tell me this one:

1) What does Triage mean in relation to Team foundation server? It has the following options:

  1. Info Received
  2. More Info
  3. Pending
  4. Triaged

2) What do each of the options mean?

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It's intended to identify that those other items have not been set. Some organizations may have a person responsible for setting priority, classification, etc... Triaged would indicate to a developer that those items have been properly evaluated.

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I'm not a TFS expert, but I would assume, in this context, that "triaged" means much the same as it does in a medical sense: the patient/problem has been classified, prioritized, and queued.

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How do the options pertain to its priority, classification, or queue? Especially since there are already fields called Priority, Classification, and Importance. – Jrud Sep 22 '10 at 14:01

I consider them as follow:

Pending:It means the work item is waiting for a decision.(for example: the bug is waiting for decision on whether or not to fix it.)

More Info: It means person needs more info to make a decision.(I've read from a source:The owner of the work item is supposed to provide the additional info and reset the triage state to pending.)

Info Received: It means all the information for the work item has been received.

Triaged: It means a decision has been made.

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