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I am trying to start jetty service from ssh using the command:

ssh -t myhost "sudo /sbin/service jetty6 start"

All works well, service comes up but after the command terminates and the connection closes down, the Jetty service goes down, too. If I log into ssh and do the "service" command manually, all works fine.

I have tried to use the recipe from this answer, that didn't work either.

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You try backgrounding the process? Maybe SSH is terminating before the init script finishes. ssh -t myhost "sudo /sbin/service jetty6 start &"

Or, try with nohup, too?

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I really hate these "community" bumps on old questions... -_- – Aaron Copley Oct 10 '12 at 17:22


# service jetty status
 * Jetty servlet engine is not running.

Use(localhost:2022 virtual machine hostname):

$ ssh -p 2022 localhost "sudo service jetty start"
 * Starting Jetty servlet engine. jetty
 * Jetty servlet engine started, reachable on http://u1004s01:8080/. jetty


# service jetty status
 * Jetty servlet engine is running with pid 2623, and is reachable on http://:8080/

Command service not need go to the background. Add output command:

ssh myhost "sudo /sbin/service jetty6 start;sleep 60;sudo /sbin/service jetty6 status;ps aux | grep jetty" 
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Yeah, sleep is one of the things I tried (no pun intended). The daemon is up as long as the connection to the host is open. When the ssh command exits, the daemon goes down. Strange, I know :-) Please note that I have to do "ssh -t myhost 'sudo ...'" as without -t sudo won't work, says "sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo" – Sasha O Sep 23 '10 at 19:28

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