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Dear all, Cogratulations for this excellent website.

I have one question and I hope someone may help.

I had installed on Windows 2008 VisualSVN v2.03 and I was able to add users from my Active directory and give permissions to different directories.

I have updated to v 2.1.3 and I am not able to give accesss rights or browse the active directory.

I must say that on the same server I have Sharepoint services installed and I am able to navigate to active directory using the build in add users interface.

Any suggestions

Many thanks Lefteris

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In VisualSVN Server we made several fixes in Active Directory browsing interface. Quote from VisualSVN Server 2.1.3 changelog entry:

  • Allow to grant access rights for a domain computer account.
  • Prohibit to grant access rights for a domain distribution group (since Active Directory distribution groups are not intended to manage permissions).

So I recommend you to report your problem to VisualSVN Support Team. They will be happy to investigate and fix your issue.

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