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How does one configure the size limit for Work Item attachments in MS Team Foundation Server 2010?

I remember in 2008 there is a web service, but that same path does not seem to work.

EDIT: I found... http://localhost:8080/tfs/_tfs_resources/WorkItemTracking/v1.0/ConfigurationSettingsService.asmx?op=SetMaxAttachmentSize

But it generates TF53010: saying that this must be done in a project collection that is usually found in the root under _tfs_resources. (Which is where I was running this from).

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The correct URL for changing the max attachment size for work item attachments is...


where is the name of the tfs collection that you want to make the change to.

The error mentioned above seems somewhat missleading because it implies that _Tfs_Resource is the correct path. When browsing IIS, _tfs_resource is the only directory with the configuration page.

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