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I'm trying to set up phpMyAdmin to use linked tables. I've set up the pma tables and have pointed one field - fromid - to the ID of another table - id.

When I edit a row from the first table, next to the fromid field is a link to "browse foreign values". But all I get is a list of the IDs and a blank "Description". I didn't see a way to specify a field from the foreign table (name in my case) to show.

How do I get something useful in that description field?

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Go into Structure of the table, then click on the Relation View. Here you can select the field to display for that table from "Choose field to display" dropdown located at the bottom of the page. This setting most be done in the table you are referencing (the one with the primary key, not the one with the foreign key).

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Thanks. I had already checked on the other table and it wasn't there. But after enabling all the related tables features (i.e. listing all the pma tables in the config), it appeared! So that part must use one of the other tables besides pma_relation. –  DisgruntledGoat Sep 24 '10 at 15:44

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