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I am trying to zip up a directory and have the contents emailed to me. How could I do this?

I have a cron setup for mysql backup which ends like:

 | gzip | uuencode public_html_backup.gz | mail example@mail.com

Would I be able to perform a similar thing for zipping a directory?

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To back up /path/to/parent/directory, you can use

cd /path/to/parent && tar -cjf - directory | uuencode | mail -s "directory backup on $(date)" address@example.com

This uses bzip2 compression. If you prefer gzip compression (uses less CPU but compresses less), replace -czf by -cjf. If you prefer zip format, replace tar -czf - directory by zip -r - directory.

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I dont know your entire command but yes it would work, for example:

uuencode fileA.zip fileB.zip | mail -s "My Mail Subject" example@mail.com

another example:

tar cvf - Folder | gzip > my_backup.tar.gz | uuencode my_backup.tar.gz | mail -s "Subject" example@mail.com

another example:

gzip -c somefile.tar | uuencode somefile.tar.gz  | mail -s "My Backup" example@mail.com

You could use mutt aswell:

mutt -a file.tar.gz -s "subject of message" example@mail.com

For a more complete guide click here!

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Thank you also for this - I wish I could accept two answers –  Malachi Sep 25 '10 at 12:23
@Malachi Soord np aslong as you got it working, its all good :) –  Prix Sep 25 '10 at 12:30
It actually took a combo of both your solutions to get what I required –  Malachi Sep 25 '10 at 13:28

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