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Can anyone suggest a program for shutting down many Windows 7 PCs at set times? I need to shot down over 1000 PCs every night. We have Active Directory and Windows 200 R2 servers.

Thanks John

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I think shutdown command supports remote hosts. I suppose they're all in the same AD domain. – LatinSuD Sep 25 '10 at 22:24

Another option would be to assign a scheduled task to perform the shutdown, via Group Policy:

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you can use psexec and execute shutdown command.

ps. indeed if computers are in same domain - you dont even need psexec.

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You could batch script it...

Shutdown /s /t 0 /m \\computer1
Shtudown /s /t 0 /m \\computer2

Then schedule the job to run on one of your DCs, have the job run as a Domain Admin.

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You want a script which does this for each named machine:

shutdown -s -t 0 -f -m \\machinename

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