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Ive got an interesting question for all of you. I'm currently sitting on a 100mbps line, and i would like to use it in some interesting way.

I would like to share it in a way simmiliar to folding@home, SETI@Home, etc.

I have thought of using it as a file sharing server, or a web server, but I'm not keeping it on all the time, only when I'm home. I'm not using file exchange much, because of limited HDD space - all of mine are full with stuff I need.

So The main question: How to use spare bandwidth in an interesting and socially usefull way?

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What about providing a TOR node?

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Thanks for the advice, DONE! This is exactly the kind of advice's I was looking for! – Janis Peisenieks Sep 26 '10 at 12:37

Basically you do not. You ruled out anything which made you interesting - no server always on (pain with DNS), no file storage space.

You could run a TOR node as VPN relayfor people which want anonymity. Pretty much the only thing - bandwidth in and out.

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Maybe there are more of this type of programs? – Janis Peisenieks Sep 26 '10 at 13:09

I keep a BitTorrent client running sharing many different Linux ISOs. (All free stuff, no pirate movies)

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