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I am trying to work out if it's possible to add additional programs to the default Windows XP disc. I am using nlite and it seems to work well for hotfixes etc. but not for specfic programs.

The main programs I am trying to get added are:

  • AniTa Emulator (
  • Malwarebytes
  • Doug Knox Security Center
  • CCleaner
  • Piriform Defraggler
  • BGInfo
  • AVG

Has anyone had any luck getting any of the above slipstreamed into an installation? I am aware of a site called which can package them all into one executable but I don't know how to add this to the actual install disc.

Thanks in advance!


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Ninite is great for the software they have, but useless if you want software they don't currently support. It's also commercial, you you really need a subscription if you're doing anything with it on a commercial basis.

What you actually want for slipstreaming software in your XP install CD is Nlite which lets you configure which Windows components are included and configure some of the settings and add additional drivers and software and servicepacks. There's a load of addons with additional software listed at winAddons though check the age of the software since a lot of it is older versions which you probably don't want.

Hope that's enough to get you started.

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