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After I installed service pack 2 on one of our Vista (amd64) workstations the group policy preferences stopped applying. The preferences are still working on our xp sp3 and vista sp1 workstations.

This is happening in a pure Windows 2003 domain without any Windows 2008 servers.

I have seen this: but that can't be the way to install the client right?

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Most of the problems seem to be todo with a slipstreamed SP2 install, but it's probably worth trying the technique outlined in this post:

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Yes. that is the same technique that was descirbed in the link in my original post. The problematic workstation is NOT a slipstreamed, but upgraded machine tho. It seems that the answer to my question is yes then? – Bård Jun 3 '09 at 7:32

I tested the solution in my original question and it clearly works. I guess I'll wait for an update to fix the problem before I deploy Vista sp2 here.

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