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kaspersky support command line interface yes or no (or how i can control with kaspersky by command line interface) ... and how i can use it to scan some file on AIX server UNIX operating system ...

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Yes it does support a command line interface. You can find more about how to do this here.

To scan a file on you AIX system you will need to get your AIX system to share some portion of it's filsystem in a manner that your windows system can read. Answers to another of your questions provide ths information.


To test

First uncheck the Select action automatically in the Interactive protection section of the Kapersky General Settings and click apply.

Now create a copy of the eicar test virus in a suitable location e.g at the windows command line.

mkdir c:\temp
copy con c:\temp\
paste the test virus code from the instructions above here

Your Kapersky real time scanner will probably pop up and ask you what to do select Block

Now to test avp - back to the command line

avp scan c:\temp /i9

lots of output here

Select S

more output

echo %errorlevel%


Now repeat the above avp command and select D then L instead of S (this will delete the test file)

echo %errorlevel%


Again repeat the above avp command

echo %errorlevel%


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thanks lain ... i want to ask you in kaspersky the Return codes of the anti-virus scan tasks .... is 101 and 101 ... where this value hold and how i can get it .... i use %ERRORLEVEL% but the resut 0 ??? – Mohammad AL-Rawabdeh Sep 29 '10 at 8:04
The 101 and 102 exit codes are only returned when working with or having detected dangerous objects. A 0 code is an indication of success. – Iain Sep 29 '10 at 8:33
please i want to test this option i don't know ... please if you know tell me ... becuse i want to write bash file and use this value . – Mohammad AL-Rawabdeh Sep 29 '10 at 9:24

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