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I'd like for Nginx to do the following:

If the uri matches the pattern:$string/

and $string is not 'KB', and not 'images', look for $string.html in a specific subfolder. If $string.html exists in the subfolder, return it. If it does not exist, move on to the next matching location.

$string = {any letters, numbers, or dash}

For example, if the user requests:

It should look for a file called:


I've tried variations of:

location ~ /[a-zA-Z0-9\-]+/
   try_files /myfolder/$uri.html @Nowhere;


  1. It doesn't seem to find the file even when it does exist, and
  2. If it fails (which is always right now), it wants to jump to the @nowhere location, rather than moving on and trying to find another location that matches.

I'd like for it to consider the current location "not a match" if the file doesn't exist.

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I think you can try this:

location ~* ^/(KB|images)/$ {
   #rule for KB or images goes here

location ~* ^/([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+)/$ {
   root /webroot/www/myfolder/;
   try_files $1.html @Nowhere;

location @Nowhere {
   #rule for @Nowhere goes here

For more, refer to:

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