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I followed these instructions and took hints from other sites. I cant get my server to send emails using google apps (i spent 3 hours on this already.)

I get the error

Authentication Required.
    Learn more at                               530 5.5.1

My postfix files are

I verified my user/pass is correct. I tested with the command sendmail -bv and use mail to see the error message.

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Remove the transport_maps directive from your and change the value of relayhost to []:587. Don't forget to run postmap on the hash files (sasl_passwd) after a change.

Also make sure to read and actually understand it.

Postfix is quite overkill if you just want to send mails from your server through the sendmail interface. In this case you should use a minimal MTA like ssmtp or nbsmtp instead.

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Switching to ssmtp solved it. It was damn easy. I dont know why postfix didnt work nor why doing what you suggested above for postfix didnt work. I'm happy it finally works. Thanks! – acidzombie24 Sep 28 '10 at 8:48

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