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My notebook with Opensuse 11.3 boots very slow. With Opensuse 11.2 it was not the case. The new occurence of delays are at two places:

First, and longest delay (about 40sec) is after the message
Waiting for udev to settle...

Second, and shorter delay (about 20sec) is after the message
Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while...

I have LVM, but not configured with some special parameters.

What could cause these delays?

Bootchart shows no HDD and CPU utilization during these delays.
Sorry, the bootchart output is a 2MB PNG, can't post it anywhere. It's also very complex to "read" being so huge (over 7000 pixels per side).

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It sounds like you're hitting a couple of timeouts, have you tried looking at the output of "dmesg" to see if you can spot anything?

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You could debug the udev by enabling logging - see here

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