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i am getting following error in apache log

File does not exist: D:/wamp/www/script/products, referer: http://localhost/script/products/category/product-123.html whenever following url localhost/script/products/category/product-123.html is parsed through this rewrite rule RewriteRule ^products/([~A-Za-z0-9-"]+)/([~A-Za-z0-9-".]+).html$ index.php?page_type=products&prod=$2 [L].

The script and rule is working fine but i am getting that error in apache error log. I have activated RewriteLog, but nothing is showing up in the rewrite.log file. Its empty. Please help and thanks in advance.

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RewriteRule ^/script/products/([~A-Za-z0-9-"]+)/([~A-Za-z0-9-".]+).html$ index.php?page_type=products&prod=$2 [L]
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