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Converting the rewrite rules from Apache to Nginx does not seem to be that difficult
However, I'd like to automate the job, as we are planning to migrate a number of sites.

  • Is there any existing script or tool to perform this operation?
  • If not, are there some specificities in the Apache / Nginx conventions that will make the regular expression conversions harder?
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One exists, but it's really, really horrible. Your question also shows that you're probably not converting them properly. Where Apache uses rewrite conditions and rewrite rules primarily Nginx uses a combination of location blocks, try_files and rewrite. Many Nginx newbies will put all their rewrite directives into the server block or into a location / block. This means that you're not taking advantage of the hash tables Nginx generates and you will be evaluating all the rewrite rules on each requests - and that's just a waste of CPU cycles.

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