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I just installed vsftpd on my Ubuntu (Lucid) server and followed the config recommendations. I made sure that "Write_enable=YES".

I'm able to connect via FTP, but when I try to "mput" a local file into /var/www, I get the following error:

"553 Could not create file."

I believe writing files to the /var/www directory requires sudo access, but when I tried "sudo mput", I got an error msg saying that this was not a valid command.

When I use FireFTP, my writes are still being blocked.

What am I missing?


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Running sudo mput on your client isn't going to make a bit of difference in your ability to write files on the server, as that command only escalates your permissions on the client machine. Also, setting Write_enable=YES in the vsftpd config is only going to enable the possibility of writing to the ftp server. You need to check the permissions on /var/www itself to see if your user has write access.

Run $ ls -la /var/www, edit your question and post the output.

Also, what's the username you're using with FTP and what groups is that user in?

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I got it working. You're right - I just needed to add write permissions (chmod) for me and the group. Thanks! – JMan Sep 28 '10 at 16:59

this might help, optionally you can use sftp with filezilla to write to the directory.

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