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whats your source for scsi/sas disks - to replace breakage or expand existing systems? the usual suspects (newegg, pricewatch, ZZF) seem to have limited selection.

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I can recommend Provantage among the others listed.

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I buy my HP disks from HP, my NetApp disks from NetApp, my EMC disks from...etcetera etcetera - that way I know they're fully supported and I won't be left 'holding the baby' if things start going wrong.

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You are likely to find @sysadmin1138's response to be the common consensus. I have had decent success with CDW. However, their price points are not very low without volume.

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Since I'm buying my servers with support contracts, I replace breakage with OEM parts as part of the contract. The few times we've gone 3rd party have not been for storage.

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id prefer that as well. in one case service has expired, and in the other id like to compare with MFR pricing. – Devnull Sep 28 '10 at 19:01

As with most others, I buy the matching brand-name disks for our brand-name servers.

But there are some marginal cases where we buy 3rd party disks, for example:

  • an old server that is out of warranty but we're keeping it around for some reason
  • the few white-box servers we've built ourselves
  • desktops running simulations (these are essentially in-house built servers)

For these we buy the Western Digital RE series disks that we've found to be very reliable.

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He's asking for a source for tier 1 storage. SAS, Ultra160/320, SCSI in general.. high end stuff. – Warner Sep 29 '10 at 5:42

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