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I have just inherited an Xserve RAID/SAN device. I would like to interface this with XEN so that I can store an image on the SAN which I can quickly deploy to a VPS instance on XEN. Another requirement is that I need to run it on a HP server or similar, NOT an Xserver/Apple server.

I have read through a couple of forums already:



First of all, has anyone got this running successfully? I'm especially interested if anyone has this working via fibre channel, as I don't have the Apple Fibre Channel PCI card and need to know if it would be worth tracking one down for this purpose.

Also, has anyone got a similar configuration working on VMWare? I would prefer to use Xen, but I would also consider VMWare if there is a suitable solution.

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You should be fine. I've used a bunch of XServe RAID boxes with a couple of IBM servers using normal FC cards, and it worked. The administration tool kind of sucks, but that doesn't change based on what servers are connecting to it :)

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Cheers Bill. I still have those machines on hand, so I'll have to look into this once the current madness dies down a bit. –  Aaron Newton Jan 26 '11 at 3:11

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