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Hey guys, one quick question. I've got a problem setting the cname for my domain http://snaremedia.com . I use godaddy and set the www cname to point at my cloudfront url, but currently my domain only work through entering www. and not without the www. How can I make sure my domain works whether or not the user enters www.

CNAME   www d2vga2hys6h3wj.cloudfront.net

Thanks a lot :)

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add CNAME @ 2vga2hys6h3wj.cloudfront.net

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I can't do that with GoDaddy for some reason, just doesn't work because @ by default points to the A record ip in goDaddy. I tried with another domain from another DNS service and cant get it working there either. buyout.dk vs www.buyout.dk –  Ulrik M Oct 1 '10 at 8:13

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