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Which is the best way to run a script upon server restart and when server is up again?

e.g. When services will be unavailable:

irc_notify "Server is going down"

when all services are available:

irc_notify "Server is up again"

Server shutdown may be triggered by various scripts, so I don't want to use shutdown command with parameters.

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Create a script in /etc/init.d, make it executable, then check how to execute it on the different runlevels


You probably are interested in runlevel 0 (shutdown) and 3 or 5 (normal runlevel after the startup)

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Create the following script /etc/init.d/irc_notify

# Provides:          irc_notifications
# Required-Start:    $network
# Required-Stop:
# Default-Start:     3 5
# Default-Stop:      0 1 2 6
# Short-Description: IRC Notifications
# Description:       Simple script to send notifications to IRC
case "$1" in
       irc_notify "Server is up again"
       irc_notify "Server is going down"

Once that is done run (for CentOS/RHEL) chkconfig add irc_notify && chkconfig irc_notify on or (for debian/ubuntu) update-rc.d irc_notify start 3 5 stop 0 1 2 6

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looks like the right command for Ubuntu needs dots: update-rc.d irc_notify start 3 5 . stop 0 1 2 6 ., but I still get the warnings and the messages do not show. – takeshin Sep 29 '10 at 12:39

Initscript for various runlevels, not crontab

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