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I'm searching for a intranet search engine which is capable of spider our intranet websites and network shares like SMB, NFS and optionaly AFP.

Ever better for us would be a search engine which is extendable via plugins like the Spotlight framework on Mac OS X.

Does somebody know something like this? Most of the results I've found so far are only capable of spidering websites.

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Xapian Omega is amazing. And it runs on most operating systems.

From the website:

Xapian is a highly adaptable toolkit which allows developers to easily add advanced indexing and search facilities to their own applications. It supports the Probabilistic Information Retrieval model and also supports a rich set of boolean query operators.

Then combine this with Omega, again a quote from their site

Omega operates on a set of databases. Each database is created and updated separately using either omindex or scriptindex. You can search these databases (or any other Xapian database with suitable contents) via a web front-end provided by omega, a CGI application. A search can also be done over more than one database at once.

It is easy to install and get working and is very fast even on large collections of files. We use it to index a website upload directory and samba shares of ~350GB.

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This looks promising, thanks for letting me know. – DASKAjA Sep 30 '10 at 8:20

There's the google search appliance.. That should do what you're after... although it might cost you an arm, leg and kidney..

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How about Alfresco? When it comes to document management, it can do almost anything -- be warned, though, Alfresco is quite resource-intensive and has its own gotchas, and is not very easy to install. Or, the installation part is easy, it's configuring what makes it trickier with endless amount of buttons to click ... :-)

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