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currently I have the following problem: i can connect to Server B via ssh only if I connect to Server A (via ssh), create socks proxy with putty, and use it in order to connect to server B.

So connection is MyPC->Server A->Server B. What i need is to be able to call from server B localhost:xx and forward it to MyPc:xx

With single tunnel it can be done via Putty by simply adding rule "R7869 localhost:7869" (and it's working for Server A which connection is being made directly), however if I'm trying to do the same on Server B (which is proxyfied) it's not working.

Any ideas?

Thx in advance.

EDIT: I have found solution to this problem. Instead of creating new network connection with putty to server B, i need to call "ssh -R 7869:localhost:7869 root@ServerB" from Server A .

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There is a good solution here… – Scott Jan 3 '13 at 22:33
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"What i need is to be able to call from server B localhost:xx and forward it to MyPc:xx"

First session to server_A:


Second session to server_B (via tunnel from first session): localhost:22000

 L8080 localhost:8080

The end effect is MyPC:8080 <->

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