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I have Ubuntu 10.04 dedicated server with SSD drive. Hence I want to disable the file system journal.

Normally this can be done like this "tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/md2". However the root file system is in read-write mode so tune2fs prints an error. The "-f" does not work.

Maybe during boot there is some script which is executed having root file system mounted read-only. So I can add above command to that script.

BTW I can reinstall OS but ext2 isn't available. A server provider admin web page doesn't allow to pass create partition options when reinstalling OS.

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You should be able to remount the root partition read-only if you can afford to turn off enough services for a few minutes. Use lsof +f -- / to find out what programs have files open for writing. In particular, if /var/log is on the root partition, you'll have to turn off logging; and /tmp had better be on tmpfs or a separate filesystem.

If your hosting provider gives you console access, you can pass init=/bin/sh on the kernel command line (this runs a shell instead of init) and run tune2fs from there.

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