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I have a question about my RAID controller. It's an Adaptec 2010s (onboard). I have 3 machines, all the same hardware. One is running, the others are down. If I pull my 4 SCSI hard disks out of the machine and I put them in the other machine will it then boot? Can it read the RAID array?

If I want to make an image of my server, how can I do that? Normally I use Acronis or Norton Ghost to make a image but I think Acronis and Ghost will not have drivers for my RAID controller. How can I fix this?

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I'm not familiar with the Adaptec 2010S in particular, but if there's an interface to import the existing array configuration from a group of disks then you'll probably be able to boot the disks you move. Some trashy old Adaptec controllers (I'm looking at you, AAA-131) were rock-stupid and wouldn't allow you to import an existing array without initializing it, but most sane controllers (LSI Logic, Mylex) will permit you to use an existing array. Adaptec says you can do what you're looking for.

Generally I find disk-imaging of server computers to be evil. Having said that, though, if your imaging tool boots from MS-DOS (or some free analog thereof) and your RAID controller has a ROM BIOS on it (which it appears the 2010S does) you should be able to use the imaging tool. If it's Windows-based (something WindowsPE-based, etc) then you'll probably need to make a driver floppy or slipstream the drivers onto the boot media.

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