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I'm trying to connect from my Mac to a directory on a Windows server.

Here is what I'm doing from the finder : menu Go->connect to server->smb://srv-fichiers1/Personnel/conujer

I get an error (error code -36).

But, from the finder window, if I click on Shared->All->srv-fichier1->Personnel->conujer, I have access to the directory.

alt text

I don't understand why I cannot connect straight to conujer.

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Can you connect to smb://srv-fichiers1/Personnel and then navigate to the conujer subfolder? – Gordon Davisson Sep 30 '10 at 15:27
@Gordon Davisson : yes I can. – Jérôme Oct 1 '10 at 14:16

Are you using different or saved credentials when using the file share than your own? (

Are there any error messages showing up in the logs?

What version OS X and Windows are being used? And with or without active directory?

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Here is the 10.4 article on -36

That however doesnt look like it will solve your issue, but this might.

According to that 10.6.3 patch has fixed this.

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I don't have my Mac here with me now, but have you tried adding a following slash to the path? So:

Go->connect to server->smb://srv-fichiers1/Personnel/conujer/
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