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I need to migrate a website to another host. I have only FTP server access and MySQL name+pass (the MySQL server's IP I was provided is, and there's neither PhpMyAdmin nor SSHell to use). A web app run there can access the DB using credentials I know and localhost server. So I'd need a PHP script, that will correctly dump all the available databases of the MySQL server so that they can be imported on the new server. Can you recommend a good one?

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Hmmm my first mind was:

$command = 'mysqldump -h hostname -u user -p password db_name > dumped_db.db';

Anyway here is a class:

And ready tool (Bigdump is really cool!):

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Mysqldump is what you are looking for, though its written in perl (all nix's have perl)

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I'll try if I find no other solution, but that's a strictly sandboxed shared PHP hosting (the ISP provides only static, PHP and ASP tariffs), it may not have Perl enabled (but may have, worth a try). – Ivan Oct 4 '10 at 5:11

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