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I took a backup of a guest OS running in an LVM.

When I took the backup I created a snpashot of LVM and mounted that snapshot in some location. Used rsync to copy its contents to a USB drive. Can I boot "somehow"from this copy of Guest OS which is now in USB drive? I am using KVM on 64 bit 10.04.

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create a new VM with all the same params, set it up with the same OS version and then restore using rsync the same way you backed it up

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My guess would be using Virt-Manager to create a new VM but point it to your disk instead. Although that might not work. I think Virt-Manager only uses LVM and flat files, no accessing usb file systems. Again this is all conjecture just try using that utility.

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I have tried all those options are greyed out to make a clone of the machine.Any other suggestions – Bond Oct 1 '10 at 7:38

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