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I want to set up a blog, but I want it to reside on a URL I've bought, I also don't want any of the ads and such that sit around other blogs on blog specific sites like blogspot and generally want more control.

I was thinking of getting shared hosting with mysql and such to get it going (as opposed to a VM which would be overkill). Then I just need to decide on the easiest quickest (and most secure) way of getting something up there.

After some googling, I see b2evolution.net which sits on php, or Apache Roller, which seems to sit on Java.

Could anyone offer any advice on whats my best approach here? Are there security concerns with either or has anyone any experience in this area? I really want setup time to be minimal, so I can concentrate of the feel of the blog rather than whats under the hood.

Many Thanks.

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WordPress is hard to beat. It's free, development is continuous, and the community is huge, so there are a ton of design templates and functionality plugins available. It's PHP/MySQL based.

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Dotclear is rather good. It's probably less known than Wordpress, but it has a number of plugins and themes too. It works fine on shared hosting with PHP/MySQL (You could even host separate blogs possibly on different virtual hosts within the same Dotclear instance and MySQL DB if you need).

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Not to be argumentative, but if you want setup time to be minimal, you can disable ads and migrate a Blogger blog to a domain that you own with minimal fuss. I understand that you lose some flexibility and power, but if minimal setup time really is the highest priority, Blogger may be your best option. This also allows you to avoid shared hosting fees, if money is an issue. http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55373

If you are committed to hosting your own blog, I'd suggest WordPress, though with the added freedom, you are accepting quite a bit more responsibility as far as security and infrastructure are concerned. I'm not sure this really allows you to "concentrate of the feel of the blog rather than whats under the hood" as you requested, though.

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