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hi i need some help i have downloaded a tar file from 'irc' network it is 5.8gb there was a internet connection error while i was downloading around 2gb and resumed after conec. to net has been established now the file is downloaded completely but when i try to extract the file in it, i get message that the file is broken and can't be extracted but i have the complete data downloaded i'm sure that the data exists in it, but cannot extract because only the data around the 2gb-point(data in file, few bytes maybe) got lost and the rest of the file is as completed 5gb

so, what i want is a way or a process to extract all the data in that file with or without errors

'cause i cannot download the file of 6gb size over and over again

someone help me.

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Try 'cpio -F corrupt.tar -i -v' and never use irc to transfer large files.

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thk u very mch, the extraction is done after i used "tar -xvf curroptfile.tar"...it contains 61 small rar files and the 26th file in it is the damaged one., now is there a way to extract the .iso file from these...like now...skipping the damaged part and extracting the remaining file...also please tell me about the command you previously wrote... reall thank u –  user55932 Oct 2 '10 at 12:24
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