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Looking to create a linux based development/test system. I'm the only one using it.

Will be using a variant of rhel/centos/fedora, with a 640G drive, and an external 250G as a kind of backup.

Looking for thoughts/comments on the layout/config of the drive for the install/creation process.

My primary goal is to be able to "backup"/restore the work product so i'd like OS to be separate from everything else.

Thoughts/commnents/ponters appreciated.


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Install the OS on the 640 GB drive. Unless you have some odd space requirements, just use the default partition scheme offered by the installer. Mount the 250G drive as /backup or something and then use rsnapshot to do incremental backups of your work directory to /backup.

...and an external 250G as a kind of backup.

While this plan kind of provides you with a backup, it's pretty weak. You really need to get your files offsite - this not only protects your from theft, disaster, etc, but also from $ rm -rf / type of incidents.

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