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alright, I've got one that should be really simple.

I want a wide open smb share for my Windows 7 machine. Everyone should be able to access it, regardless of domain or username or anything.

My smb.conf has:

security = share
guest account = nobody

Along with:

path = /Windows_Backups/DC
comment = Backup of Domain Controller
force user = nobody
guest ok = yes
public = yes
read only = no

I can access it, but I cannot write to it. Windows keeps telling me I "need permission to perform this action"

Where do I start?

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On the Samba server, you need to ensure that the nobody user has write permissions to /Windows_Backups/DC. You're forcing everyone to be impersonated by the nobody account, so that account will need file-level permissions on that share directory. Samba will respect local permissions when figuring out who can write where, in this case it is somewhat like Windows.

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I love ServerFault, it took a whole 6 minutes to fix my problem. Thank you sysadmin1138 :) – blsub6 Oct 4 '10 at 17:28
@blsub6 We live to share what we know. – sysadmin1138 Oct 4 '10 at 17:30

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