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As the title states just a quick question about load balancing

Was reading the following article: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/46735

And it got me thinking ... We currently have a DFSR site and at current are remapping clients network drives to their closest location. I know it wouldn't be ideal but going for a Proof of concept maybe for DR / BC ..

Could you set up the linux load balancer using the SMB file sharing ports to distribute the connections between the servers equally?

I.e Client --> Linux LB Server --> one of the File Servers

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It seems to me that using a proper clustering filesystem would be more effective then attempting to retrofit it onto SMB.

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You might want to look at ldirectord to accomplish this.

We use ldirectord to load balance our web servers, but I'm pretty sure it's flexible enough to work with file servers as well. It can distribute connections in a number of ways, such as "least connected", "fastest response time", "round robin" etc (all the options available ipvsadm)

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