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I have a updatable transactional replication set with SQL Server 2008. Everything is working fine.

I added a new table to the existing publication through sp_addarticle followed by sp_addsubscription. After that I ran the Snapshot Agent. The snapshot has been generated only for newly added table. So the new table was successfully replicated to subscriber. I could even able to replicate a newly inserted record into new table to subscriber.

But it's not possible viceversa. When I insert a record into new table in the subscriber database, I am getting an error

Msg 515 'Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'msrepl_tran_version', table Servername.dbo.Tablename'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.'.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

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That error is telling you that the default value for the msrepl_tran_version table has not been set on the subscriber database (or that you're willingly trying to set the column to NULL in your INSERT statement). It needs to have a default value of newid(). Why that didn't get set though I am unsure.

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