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Yesterday I found that my Apache log file in my development machine was almost 50 GB in size.

Is there a way to limit the site of the Apache log file?

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This is typically done using logrotate. Example logrotate configuration for Apache:

/var/log/httpd/*log {
    rotate 30
      /bin/kill -HUP `cat /var/run/ 2>/dev/null` 2> /dev/null || true
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Mac OS 10.5 and up use newsyslog and the config file is located in /etc/newsyslog.conf. a man newsyslog and man newsyslog.conf should helped a lot!! – Onema Feb 18 '11 at 18:27

For Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (10.6.8),
  following Onema's comment (on an answer),
  I added this line to /etc/newsyslog.conf(5) (with reformatted whitespace):

# logfilename                   [owner:group]   mode    count   size    when    flags   [/pid_file]         [sig_num]
/var/log/apache2/*_log          70:70           644     5       1000    *       JG      /var/run/

It instructs to rotate all logs (3 for me) 5 times each when over 1000 "kilobytes", using bzip2(1)

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Note that the [owner:group], [/pid-file], and [sig_num] fields are optional and hence can be omitted. – jeff303 Jan 28 '15 at 23:17

Building on Warner's suggestion, here's a logrotate config to delete your Apache logs if they grow larger than 5MB:

/var/log/httpd/*log {
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