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We recently set upp a new SMTP server and during the night someone used it to spamm. Next day We saw that it was over 90 000 mails in the queue folder. After that I chaned the incoming port and also added credentials to the SMTP server. But my ip got blocked from the Does someone know how to contact hotmail?

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I'm not sure if hotmail keeps its own blacklist, or whether they use public available blacklists, because to get removed from those the process differs on a per-list basis. A small write-up on how to get removed from some lists you can find via this link. You should first check where (on what list) your IP is blocked, i.e. on which spam lists your IP is listed as sending SPAM.

A good site which queries multiple blacklists is

To get removed from hotmail's blacklist you should contact hotmail directly via Or even better via the hotmail support contact form. If you need help filling the form, you should look at this template.

Usually your IP is white listed automatically after a certain grace period of no spam-related issues, so you might as well wait for this period to be over.

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Iam listed in "Barracuda", do you know How I can remove the listing from Barracuda – Troj Oct 5 '10 at 15:06

You might have a look at the whois entry. There should be listed contact informations. Besides that, this question might be a better fit on Server Fault.

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should be a comment – SilentGhost Oct 5 '10 at 14:32
The second part for sure, but the first part (have a look in the whois database) is an answer as well. Though not suited here. Or should this questions be left unanswered and just be commented as "wrong StackExchange site"? – Sascha Oct 5 '10 at 14:34

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