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i write bash file to copy files from unix to windows and i pass the path of files as parameter to bash file :- scp -r /$1/ user@hostname:/cygdrive/c/unix_file

when i execute the bash and don't pass any parameter it is copy all file in "current directory "

example :-

roor@hostname/>./ now it copy all file in root .... when i test exit code it is equal ( 0 ) !!!!

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If you don't pass an argument then its parameter value is considered to be an empty string. Test the parameter for a zero-length string (with if and [ or [[) and fail if it is one. And don't forget to quote the parameter in the command (scp ... /"$1"/ ...).

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If you want to specify a default directory that will be in effect if you don't supply a parameter:

scp -r "/${1:-default/directory}/" user@hostname:/cygdrive/c/unix_file

in which you would replace "default/directory" with whatever you'd like.

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