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OSX box has remote management enabled (AppleVNCServer) and port 5900 open. Using tightvnc/ultravnc/realvnc can't connect because of "security protocol mismatch" (don't have the exact phrase). Googling yields only to posts that say "use OSXVnc" or other remote desktop solutions.

How do I connect to apple's default remote management using Linux / Windows?

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be sure to activate the VNC password: go to System Preferences / Sharing / Remote Management, press the Computer Settings... button, check the VNC Viewers may control...., and add a password there.

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That's the catch - i wanted to use the non password, default authentication which as I learned by observing traffic it does kerberos authentication which none of popular VNC clients support. –  Konrads Oct 7 '10 at 11:17
I will mark this answer as accepted because that is the only reasonable solution to this problem. –  Konrads Oct 7 '10 at 11:18

It works fine with a range of VNC clients I've tried - including VNC on my iPad and iPhone - I'd recommend you keep trying different clients or check your client and server configurations.

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