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I've added the complete detailed version for my question below for those who can help, but want to quickly summarize my question first. I setup two Raid arrays using (4) WD Raptors, a striped set for the OS and 1+0 set for crucial data. After booting once out of the 50 times a cable fell out, the drive wasn't recognized in the array anymore. After trying to fix it, another drive did the same. I now have two drives remaining, luckily with the parity information. I know the striped set is gone, but I need the data on the other set.

Can anyone recommend anything to recover the data, or fix the two drives that doesn't allow the raid controller to recognize the drives, even though they are listed on the utility screen as still apart of the configuration but that they are not found?

More Details I recently upgraded to a ASUS P6T motherboard with an Intel ICH10R raid controller and changed my previous 4 drive raid array from strictly a Raid 1+0 set to a Raid 0 for the OS/Page/Scratch drive and a Raid 1+0 set for crucial data.

I never had problems after upgrading with my configuration, even when a drive died and was replaced. I managed to rebuild the array fine. Unfortunately this time around, a cable came unattached and I booted my system up until the raid status screen with the degraded error. This shouldn't have been a problem, but after I attached the drive it was no longer recognized as a member in the array. Both drives actually show up as a non-member disk.

I've spent a very, very long time online trying to find information or support and haven't had much luck. After spending time trying to scan the drive for errors, damaged partition info, etc.. another drive in the set decided it didn't want to be recognized as a part of the array. At this point, I have two out of the four drives still functioning, but the Raid 1+0 array went from degraded to failed and I must find a way to retrieve that data. I think the two drives still in the array have the parity information because they show up as OS (110GB),BACKUP(80GB) and OS:1(110GB),BACKUP(80GB) under windows data management. The other two are simply 74gb Raw unallocated

Is it possible recover the data using those two drive only, and which tool would I use? Could it be a simple partition table or any other error that is repairable with hard drive utilities out there? I know the Raid 0 set is done for, but I would assume because the correct drives failed in a 1+0 config to save the data I can retrieve it some how.

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You can do it with X-Ways WinHex : http://www.raidrecoveryguide.com/recovery.html

Good luck ;-)

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So hex editing is my only option, or the most successful? I can't somehow configure the two drives to recovery some data? –  user56365 Oct 9 '10 at 15:57

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