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I currently have a site that's hosted in Texas.

The majority of my users are from Egypt and I'm a bit concerned that the current hosting is not the optimal in terms of performance. The site is not slow but for how can I know if, for example, hosting it in Europe or Asia is better ?

To clarify I need to know there is a way that I can test different hosting options - for example how can I test the average response time between Egypt and a host in Texas, the average response time between Egypt and a host in the UK ?

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Can you rewrite this question please, it not very specific, what is your definition of better for instance, what type of server, what does it do - you've given us no real chance to answer well. – Chopper3 Oct 7 '10 at 6:27
I've added more details, hope it's more clear now. cheers. – Sherif Buzz Oct 7 '10 at 16:48
possible duplicate of How to find a host that is good for users in Egypt ? – Bill Weiss Jan 7 '11 at 20:06

You can test the performance with from different locations.

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you can ask for subjective opinions, you can ask someone there to use tools like yslow or google's load time analyzer but they will only provide you values [and maybe hints what to tweak] - it'll be up to you to decide if 1-2s of load time is good enough or not.

google and others have done lots of studies and load time seems to be pretty crucial for the end-users.

depending on type of your site - you can consider moving it to European hosting [for dynamic content] and using CDN for moving static content closer to the end user.

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gomez and distributed testing networks can provide this

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There are several providers which will measure your performance externally (e.g. Pingdom). You will need to find one with measure stations near your users.

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