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i have this auto.master:

/data         yp:my_nis_map

on a particular linux workstation, i like to add a /data/special that is not present in my_nis_map.

/data         yp:my_nis_map
/data/special filer:/path/to/special

but this fails ? How can i concatenate two entries ? I can't modify the NIS or the NFS exports.


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The maps cannot overlap. You could mount filer:/path/to/special somewhere else an make a symlink from /data/special to it. That symlink will be visible to all clients however.

A cleaner though more involved approach would be to use an executable map. The map script would be something like:


if [ "$KEY" = "/data/special" ]; then
  echo " filer:/path/to/special"
  exit 0

ypcat -k my_nis_map | egrep "^$KEY\s+" | sed "s/^$KEY//"
exit 0

(Warning: Script typed off the top of my head. NIS map musn't use \ for line continuation. I do not have access to NIS. May contain peanuts.)

Edit: gives an example of an executable map.

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