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Is there a way of getting per process I/O statistics on AIX, i.e. to get current disk I/O rate of a process? Commands like iostat, nmon, topas etc. can't display such data. Filemon also doesn't help. Actually, what I would need is something much like iotop(1) command on Linux.

Update: it seems there is no builtin command(s) to do this. I will most probably make my own by using the SPMI API.

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try the following command

ps -ef  -o ruser,pid,ppid=parent,tdiskio

you can play around with the -o switch to display parameters you want and hide others and if required, you can sort the output with one of these commands using sort and awk or cut commands

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For some reason TDISKIO field is "-" for all processes displayed. – ipozgaj Oct 28 '10 at 11:59

ps vx

pgin column is the number of disk I/Os resulting from references by the process to pages not loaded in core

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