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CentOS 5.3
subverion 1.4.2

I am using rsync to backup a repository every day at midnight. We have about 30 repositories some small and some large.

I am using crontab to schedule the job that will run the script file.

The script will have to recursively go through each directory:


On the target machine I want to create a new directory with the date the backup was done.



So far I have been experimenting with this:

rsync -virza --backup --backup-dir=`date +%Y.%m.%d` dev@* source/backup

However, this will only do a incremental backup of the files changed. However, I want to do a full-back up with a new directory of the date that the backup was run.

Many thanks for any advice,

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You probably want rsnapshot. It doesn't name the directories by date, but it'll do everything else you're after.

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