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  • How Google,yahoo and other top level mail services securing passwords ?

  • What technology they are using for securing and storing ?

  • How they managing mail passwords ?

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Well I don't believe that any of us can say definitively what any of those companies are using, but it is highly likely that all of them are using some form of one-way hash to store the passwords. Using any other type of password storage would be highly irresponsible. SHA-1 and MD5 are frequently used for this type of hashing.

As far as what they're using to manage passwords, it's probably safe to say that they're all using a custom-built account system that interfaces with their back-end mail delivery and transport systems.

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You can probably get a pretty good idea how Google works by looking at their provisioning API. GoogleApps passwords set via the API can be stored as an unsalted SHA1 or MD5. – Zoredache Oct 9 '10 at 9:18

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