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I am facing problem in conference calling (OS ubuntu latest) ... I created a conference Room and an extension no .. when i dial from my softphone (3cx or X-Lite) it says "YOU ARE ENTERING CONFERENCE NO 1234. YOU ARE CURRENTLY THE ONLY PERSON IN THE CONFERENCE) and then a music for a second and then shows connected... Now when i dial form another soft phone the same extension it goes to second conference room and plays the same message .. if i create only one conference room .. the second no. didn't connect to it and says no conference room.

CAN some one help me out ....

I just want to create a conference room OR extension where 4-5 or 6 people can call and make a conference ... i am not very much expert in linux and asterisk so simple steps to achieve my goal ..


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No one replies :( .. but i found the solution ... this was 3CX which was createing problem .. 3cx can connect to conference if it is the first user .... i tried on x-lite and work fine for me ...

3CX also dont accept the pincode for conference .. it say invalid code .. but x-lite works fine ... i also use ekiga too .. this also work fine for me :)

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