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How do I get a list of GPO's applied against a machine in a Win2k8 environment remotely?

I would prefer a powershell solution, but anything will help.

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Works against remote computers.

In windows 2003 we had to type GPRESULT only in the command line in order to view the Applied Group polices however in windows server 2008 we need to type the /R switch after the gpresult.

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GPResult as Rob mentioned is an excellent way of doing this. You can however also get at this information via the WMI RSP Classes. Check out for further information as this may allow you to do this in powershell against all of your machines in the environment.

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There is 3rd party tools that supposedly do it in PowerShell here:

Particularly: Out-SDMRSOPLoggingReport: Creates and XML or HTML Group Policy Results report

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The Group Policy Management Console can also do this in a GUI manner, and has nice features such as letting you see exactly which policy each setting is coming from.

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List Group Policy Object using PowerShell

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