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Looking for statistics on IPtable best pratices - appears that a server like would parse iptables and look for gaps and trends in iptable configs - but don't think they'd publish their findings. FYI: I just heard about cloudflare, haven't used it, and have nothing to do with them. If you're aware of other services like cloudflare, please post links.

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well - script it.. use iptables -nvxL as input and pump it to rrd database. or let others do it for you - munin, cacti or zabbix can do it with plugins:

  • munin
  • cacti
  • zabbix - well it can too. just google

one thing to keep in mind - 32bit counters nowadays tend to be not enough. if you count bytes they might flip over in less than monitoring interval [eg 5 min]. so remember to store and read data as 64bit integers.

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Nice info, thanks! – blunders Oct 10 '10 at 17:57

Cloudflare -btw has an excellent apache mod that will allow your own stats to continue to parse.

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