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Also, what the minimal memory required to run CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP together?

If it matters, the current target is a VPS provider named SliceHost on a 256Mb RAM slice/VM.

Here's my notes so far:


    Use 32-bit instead of 64-bit if possible.
    Disable all unnecessary services.

Apache 2.X

    Cache page loads using: mod_cache, XCache, or .
    Disable all unnecessary modules.
    Review Lighttpd and nginx to see if they meet your requirements


    SQLite (runs under PHP process) -- In my case I need MySQL for Drupal, but the next release is suppose to support SQLite.


    PHP-FPM with daily cron to restart.


    Haven't found anything, except a caching module, which appears to be no better than using Apache. Since Apache's more secure I'd rather use that unless I'm miss understanding something.


    Install: Web-based_webadmin_Tools(phpMyAdmin,webmin,etc.), FTP, Mail-Server, Mail/Spam_Server, Anti-Virus, VNC


Any suggestions? If my list is missing something, or wrong -- let me know. Also, is it possible to even run LAMP on 256 on a low load site? Thanks!*

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All of that would run just fine, except for MySQL.
I recommend you get another MySQL host, as MySQL takes up to 220MB of RAM om my VPS while idle, that's why I switched to SQLite.

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Did you see my note about SQLite because it'll run under PHP process, but in my case I need MySQL for Drupal-6.X (based on my understanding), but the next release is suppose to support SQLite. I open to not running MySQL, if I'm able to get Drupal up without it. Thanks! – blunders Oct 10 '10 at 18:01
MySQL uses as much RAM as you allow it to use. I run a few LAMP sites on a VPS with 256MB RAM without any problems at all. – Tim Fountain Oct 10 '10 at 23:01

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