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We are trying to configure F5 to do load balancing on 4 sub domains similar to this article.

For Example

prod.wip.example.com.  NS   F5NS1.example.com.  
prod.wip.example.com.  NS   F5NS2.example.com. 
test.wip.example.com.  NS   F5NS1.example.com. 
test.wip.example.com.  NS   F5NS2.example.com.

Then we want to make CNAMEs instead of delegating individual sub-domains, e.g.

myapp.example.com CNAME prod.wip.example.com

Microsoft DNS gives an error when I attempt to make the CNAME.

dnscmd ns1 /recordadd example.com myapp CNAME myapp.prod.wip.example.com.
Command failed:  DNS_ERROR_NOT_ALLOWED_UNDER_DELEGATION     9563  (0000255b)

The error makes perfect sense, but does anyone know of a way around it? Or are my NS records incorrect for this setup?

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What you showed in:

myapp.example.com CNAME prod.wip.example.com

Is different of:

dnscmd ns1 /recordadd example.com myapp CNAME myapp.prod.wip.example.com.

Do you want myapp.example.com to point to prod.wip.example.com or myapp.prod.wip.example.com?

In both case if myapp.example.com is another zone than example.com you must type:

dnscmd ns1 /recordadd myapp.example.com myapp CNAME myapp.prod.wip.example.com.

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You should try it in the gui first and see if it still errors out.

If it does not, then it is your command line that is the problem.

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