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I have a laptop which I want to turn into a PFSense router. To do this I need a minimum of two network ports, which is fine, because I have one built in port and I can purchase a PCMCIA NIC with one port as well. However, I want to I have two WAN ports and one LAN port so I can have failover internet access.

Have you ever seen a PCMCIA card with 2 Ethernet ports built in? I can only find single NIC PCMCIA cards...

Thank you for your help!

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I use a small Atom "book pc" box for a firewall. I use a USB nic for the Internet interface. No issue and the USB nic is faster then my DSL so it all works well.

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That's what I am planning to do as well... – dingalingchickenwiing Oct 12 '10 at 3:46

I dont know of any dual port pcmcia cards, but you could use a single port card and a usb ethernet adapter, assuming your OS supports one.

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